Transforming Growth Together

Continually improving the customer experience has a ripple effect – business success accelerates, your corporate culture is strengthened, families benefit and communities flourish. Discover how our IFS team transforms businesses and develops leaders through greater levels of engagement and diverse perspectives.

The Mindset for Transformation

Entrepreneurial thinking and data-driven operational insights propel our IFS partner community toward solving complex issues. Common goals and objectives are continually guided by the importance of organizational culture and the powerful influence cultures exerts on the wider communities behind every business. Connecting with, investing in, and building stronger companies parallels the IFS focus on empowerment and accountability.

Enhanced Strategic Marketing

IFS works with companies to elevate their vision and strategy. Driving prosperity and sustainability extends beyond financial outcomes to both an organization’s infrastructure as well as culture. By leveraging industry experience, trends, drivers, and market intelligence, IFS identifies improved alignment of products and services with customer needs. Our portfolio management approach means maximizing the growth, development, and return on investment of a company’s product portfolio today and in the future in order to develop competencies to deliver new offerings.

Unlocking Potential

IFS works to understand the leadership, teamwork, and problem solving of each partner company in order to improve consistency and reliability. Developing robust processes to drive alignment across the organization means increased capacity for growth. Sustainable growth requires the need to better manage working capital and upcoming expenses as well as an understanding of leveraging relationships and purchasing power. The IFS customer-centric approach is all about making it easier to do business and add value to the customer in every interaction.

Designing Organizational Success

IFS partners with, invests in, and builds people-first organizations. IFS’s substantive leadership experience is dedicated to supporting the growth of leaders and ensuring companies have the necessary bench strength. Strong leadership positions organizations to be sustainable, ethical, and competitive. To have an agile mindset and make a company scalable, executive support is fundamental.

Delivering More to Customers

Better understanding the opportunity landscape and maximizing sales coverage is part of the support our leadership team offers. IFS partner businesses tap into the experience needed to solve challenges around complex product and service offerings, cycle times, and the customer decision making process. Identifying and partnering with the right distribution partner can help gain market penetration while value-added processes and structures can create cost savings. Together we will identifying KPIs and the right metrics to measure your growth and facilitate smarter decision making.

Navigate Complexity and Harness Your Growth Potential

IFS partners with companies that leverage technology to augment the user experience and improve safety. We enact positive change with mid-market companies providing products and services to industrial and commercial market spaces.


years experience

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in business leadership and transformation.


strategic advisors

We have the expertise to help our partners navigate through any business challenge.


countries served

With a global mindset, the IFS team has collectively served customers and facilitated operations in 58 countries.

Building Better Communities

A strong history of business and community involvement is at the heart of IFS. We partner with businesses that value their people, care about their customers, and are poised to take the next step. Developing the right culture creates the foundation of sustainability and longevity for organizations and the people around them.

Two Engineers Discussing Equipment - Founder Respect

Founder Respect

Starting a company and developing it into a success requires leaders with vision and commitment. IFS believes in preserving legacies. Honoring the history and foundation of our partner companies builds a community of leadership that sets IFS apart.

Tree Trunk - Firm Foundation

Firm Foundation

IFS partner businesses share the building blocks of innovative thought and a growth-minded culture. A strong foundation forms the basis of providing uncompromising products and services. And a strong foundation means if you want to scale your business faster, you can.

Older business man mentoring younger business man


IFS is committed to leadership development. Our team provides individual mentorship by sharing intellectual capital and driving accountability. Mentorship provides leaders with strategic growth they then use to impact their organizations.

Football players huddled - TEAMwork


Trust. Empathy. Accountability. Mission.
With trust comes the commitment to shared goals. Empathy fosters mutual respect. Accountability means driving success for both your people and customers. Your mission guides how you build your team, culture, and surrounding community.

Planter Pots Sprouting - Sustainability


Both employee wellbeing and environmental impact are intrinsic to sustainability. When you partner with IFS, you become part of a community committed to developing people-centric organizations, mindful of the environments where we do business, and dedicated to sustaining a trajectory of growth.


Young Family at Home - Family and Community

Family & Community

Loyalty to customers, employees, and their families defines a company. Thought leadership means being responsible to more than just profits. Corporate responsibility shows respect for the impact businesses have on communities now and down the road. Working together fosters success for everyone.

Aligned interests and partnering with a purpose. Discover IFS opportunities.