Align With Trusted Leadership

Our experienced leadership believes mentorship champions innovation. Mindfully creating a culture and taking ownership over how that impacts people, purpose, and prosperity is at the heart of IFS. We are committed to leadership development and building stronger companies. 

Investing in People

IFS brings value to entire organizations, their leadership, frontline workers, and the communities around them.


IFS leadership and our community of experts support partner companies in making smarter decisions. When equipped with the right tools, resources, and support, then backed by accountability, companies can face their most complex challenges and outperform their competitors.


Our leadership team has battle-tested experience in a variety of industries and verticals, plus the expertise to sharpen operations, build culture, and drive results. Partnering with founder-led companies, honoring their history, and foundation creates a community of leaders that differentiates IFS.


IFS leadership enhances transformation with real-world tools and support to scale your products, services, and distribution. Our history of global expansion  and enhancing brands helps eliminate the complexity resulting from growth, new technology, and changing markets.

Your Core Leadership

Technical and business development expertise, strategic insight, and a mandate to invest in, connect with, and build stronger companies define the IFS leadership team. We share a commitment to leadership development, people-centric cultures, and driving accountability.

Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson

Chairman & CEO

Dan Rayburn

Dan Rayburn

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Partner With Us

When good businesses ally with proven leadership, the result is shared growth.