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Who We Are

IFS is an organization dedicated to transforming industrial and commercial market spaces through productivity, connectivity, and an optimized user experience. We focus on the user experience and everything in between – from safety to technology, to how we impact our communities, and to the bottom line. Success is a shared goal.

Our Approach

IFS invests in and helps build companies focused on creating healthier, safer, and more productive environments for facilities, workers, and their families.

As a strategic partner, IFS works to improve operational excellence and profitability while yielding responsible corporate citizenship, integrity, worker safety, and innovation. The connected industrial workforce requires integrated services and strategies. IFS looks for opportunities to collaborate on technology-driven solutions that protect people and assets.

Better safety, better environments, better productivity.

Safety is continually evolving. Technology, data analytics, and monitoring both workers as well as facilities reduces risk and safeguards lives. Being able to track and understand safety analytics offers the potential to identify trends, predict issues and prevent accidents. Safety also extends to supporting the overall health and wellbeing of people on and off the job. The importance of demonstrating compliance further highlights benefits of integrated solutions. Focusing on the worker experience and how to make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day is a key commitment.
Building operational efficiency ensures sustained growth, not to mention tapping into productivity companies didn’t even know they had. Reducing turnaround times, decreasing costs, and leveraging predictive analytics translates into growing business. When companies improve processes, people and facilities are safer. Identifying how and when to automate processes further enhances productivity. If potential bumps in the road are anticipated ahead of time, companies can minimize impacts, drive predictability, and more accurately schedule predictive maintenance.
Safe, secure, and comfortable environments for workers and facilities have never been more important. Relevant technologies and services enhance the ability to integrate operations in industrial and commercial markets, even in rugged environments. Elevating the user experience, whether someone is in a facility or is a lone worker, through central monitoring, data capture, and analytics results in safe, satisfied employees and improved productivity.

Recent Partnerships

IFS Welcomes Multigas Detection

Multigas Detection Inc., (“Multigas” or the “Company”) based in Alberta, Canada, specializes in the sale, service, and calibration of fixed gas detection systems throughout Canada. Multigas was acquired by Warren Equity’s portfolio company, Integrated Facility Solutions (“IFS”), as part of their strategy to grow the fixed gas detection business of Concept Controls, Inc. (“Concept Controls”).

Multigas Detection

IFS Welcomes Concept Controls

Integrated Facility Solutions (“IFS”) has acquired Concept Controls Inc. (“Concept Controls” or the “Company”). Concept Controls, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, specializes in the sale, service, and rental of industrial safety equipment, including gas detection monitors, respiratory protection products, industrial hygiene sampling equipment and environmental monitoring products in North America. 

Concept Controls

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